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Google clears the air around Product prices being a potential SEO Ranking factor

There was a rather interesting conversation on a Twitter thread regarding the effectiveness of product prices. Google’s John Mueller and Danny Sullivan were asked whether product prices impact SEO web rankings.

Brian Freiesleben, the user who initiated the Twitter thread, asked the following question:

“@JohnMu @dannysullivan, I highly doubt anything has changed, but I want to confirm that product price is still not a ranking factor in web search?”

He was referring to a similar question addressed to John Mueller in 2016:

Google’s John Mueller confirmed that product prices are not an SEO ranking factor in web search.

“I don’t know about the shopping experiences (especially since it has price filters), but for normal search results, I don’t think that would play a role. Should it? As we understand product landing pages better, it wouldn’t be impossible”, said Mueller.

Why does Google not consider Product Prices as a ranking factor?

Product pages and listings are extremely important when it comes to Ecommerce SEO. It’s not unusual for SEOs to wonder why product prices aren’t considered as a ranking signal by the Google algorithms. 

Google’s Danny Sullivan explains the possible reason why this might be the case:

“I’ll add that prices change all the time, so it wouldn’t be that useful of a ranking signal — which I don’t believe it is. You can, of course, sort by price if you choose or make use of some price filtering.”

Product prices fluctuate throughout the year depending on the seasonality. Prices also drop considerably when there are sales on e-commerce websites. This is why it is unlikely that Google will consider prices as a ranking factor, as this would result in significant fluctuations on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

The entire Twitter thread can be found here.

Key Takeaway

Product prices don’t impact SEO web search rankings. In order to rank higher in Google Search Results, you need to focus your SEO strategy on optimizing your product landing pages. You can add additional information about the product that will be useful for users for making a purchase decision. You could also add important widgets such as “Similar Products” or “People Also Buy” to improve the user experience of your product pages. This, in turn, will translate to better SEO rankings.

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Are Product prices an SEO Ranking Factor? – Google Answers