Blue Highlights in Google’s Featured Snippets Go Live

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Blue Highlights in Google’s Featured Snippets Go Live

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    Google has introduced a new search functionality wherein specific text directly answering a user query is highlighted in blue text in the featured snippet result. This blue highlighted text has a greater font size than the non-highlighted text in the featured snippet. 

    What’s interesting is that webmasters don’t need to do anything to enable this functionality. It works on both desktop and mobile. Please note that not all featured snippets are getting these blue highlights.

    In short:

    • A new functionality where specific text directly answering a query is highlighted in blue
    • The blue highlighted text has a greater font size than the non-highlighted text
    • Webmasters need not do anything to enable this functionality 
    • Works on both desktop and mobile

    Here’s how it looks:

    How Google’s Featured Snippets Work

    A featured snippet is a special box in Google search results, where the format of a regular search is reversed, leading to the snippet text appearing before the link to the page. You cannot mark a page for a featured snippet. 

    It is Google’s automated systems that decide whether a page would make a good fit for a featured snippet for a search query, and if the page makes the mark, it is promoted to the special box.  

    When a user clicks a featured snippet, they are straight away directed to the area of the page from where the descriptive text was fetched. 

    Blast from the Past:

    Earlier, in September 2022, the search engine giant tested this feature with two different colors: blue and yellow. With the roll out of the new update, it is evident that Google has decided to stick to the blue highlighted text. 

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    Blue Highlights in Google’s Featured Snippets Go Live