Google Analytics to Stop Data Collection from YouTube

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Google Analytics to Stop Data Collection from YouTube

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    Google Analytics will no longer collect the data from YouTube Channels as the service connection between the two has been deprecated. However, historical data from YouTube will still be present in Google Analytics.

    GA stopped collecting data of existing connections from February 1, 2021. As the support was removed from November 2020, no new connections were possible after November 2020. However, old connections were allowed to receive the data till the beginning of this month.

    Google has updated the YouTube help page from where everyone came to know about the changes. Google’s lack of communication about the depreciation indicates that the YouTube creators did not primarily use the features or link. Creators had a more elaborate set of analytics data from YouTube Studio. Creators never had an incentive to use Google Analytics for tracking their channel data over to YouTube studio.

    GA connection to YouTube for tracking purposes was more of an option, and not a necessity for users as Youtube studio provided its analytics metric to measure.

    As YouTube Analytics is becoming the go-to tool for tracking YouTube channels, it is becoming the best source for marketers to measure their channel’s performance. However, those marketers who solely relied on GA to collect the YouTube channel’s data have to familiarise themselves with a new tool.

    Here is the brief description of YouTube Analytics and its metrics to understand it better.

    YouTube Analytics helps the creators or owners of the YouTube channel measure their channel’s performance in real-time.

    YouTube Analytics does not need you to drop a code on the website as analytics, and the asset measured are both from the same ecosystem. YouTube collects the data automatically from all the videos and all the channels of a creator. 

    Sign in to the YouTube studio to access the data by selecting the Analytics tab in the left navigation. There are different tabs on the panel, each tab displaying additional data relevant to the goals.

    • Overview Tab

    This tab shows important metrics as subscribers, watch time and views. Reports include top videos, real-time activity, latest videos, etc.

    • Reach tab

    It shows the reach of the video through metrics like impressions and clicks. The report includes types of traffic sources, top external sources and search terms. 

    • Engagement

    It shows the videos viewers are watching represented by total watch minutes. The report shows top videos, top playlist, top cards, etc.

    • Audience

    This tab reports include audience location, demographics, and the different channels they watch. It also shows who is watching your video; average video watched per viewer, number of unique viewers.

    • Revenue

    This tab shows how much revenue is earned from the creator’s video monetisation. This data is only available to creators in the YouTube partner program.

    Learn more about Youtube Analytics

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    Google Analytics to Stop Data Collection from YouTube