Google: Clarifies They Didn’t Make Old Domains Rank Better

Many users have been stating that old domains represent the results they see on the SERP. They’re assuming that it can be an indexing issue or due the May 2020 core update.

Someone on twitter asked Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller a question related to the above issue to which he responded “there is no “old domains” ranking change.”

Here is the question

“I have observed in last few weeks that top 20 google result are represented by old domains (domain age is before 2012) Is it related to indexing issue or it is because of Last month’s core update?”

John’s Mueller’s reply

There is no “old domains” ranking change.

Here are the tweets

There are chances that old domains may rank for certain specific queries, but there is no such update as stated by John Mueller. Subscribe to our SEO News blog for more such news pertaining to SEO and Digital Marketing.

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Google: Clarifies They Didn’t Make Old Domains Rank Better