Google does not treat Unlinked Mentions as Links

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What are Unlinked Mentions?

Unlinked Mentions are mentions of the brand or website without giving a link back to that particular brand or website.

Google’s John Mueller gives a brief idea of whether a brand mention is treated like a link or not.

In Google SEO Office hours hangout, a person raised a query that does Google treat domain or brand name mentions similar to links. He described a scenario in which websites post articles that mention a domain or a brand name, but do not provide links to the actual website.

Brand Mentions can be in the form of a person’s name or a brand’s name.

It’s Either a Link or It’s Not

Mueller answered the question by saying that a brand mention is not a link, thus, it won’t be viewed as one.

Google’s John Mueller further said that :

“If there is no link to your pages, then it’s not a link there.

If there is no link then there is no signal passing like any other links.

This does not mean that these links are bad or to be avoided, sometimes users may pick that mentioned name and search for your website on Google.

But this is not a link to your site.”

Key Takeaways:

Thus, according to John Mueller, if a site mentions a brand or website domain, Google will not treat this as a link. He stated very clearly that if there is no link, then there is no signal passing. If there is no link passing, then it has zero ranking influence.

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SEO News

Google does not treat Unlinked Mentions as Links