Recently, Google tested a new type of sitelink for standard web search listings. This was first discovered on November 11th by Brodie Clark – SEO Consultant.

Here’s another new feature observed on the SERP where we can see the jump-to links tab combined with rich results (based on Schema). This showcases results in the form of an expandable carousel that is fetched from jump-to links present on the website. 

Below is a snippet where we can see the jump-to links tab combined with an FAQ rich result.

Adding to the above tweet, Brodie has shared a couple of more examples.

Earlier, we had seen Google saving up on the real estate on the SERPs by reducing the number of FAQ questions it showcased. However, if Google decides to roll this hybrid version out, it will take up a lot of space on the SERPs.

You can also read more about Google’s Scroll-to Sitelinks update that was observed earlier this month.

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