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SEO Services

SEO Services

Infidigit offers you the best SEO Services in USA  for enhanced visibility and of course, higher search rankings! From local and enterprise SEO to global/national SEO, online reputation management and e-commerce SEO, you will get all the services you need to establish your digital presence and build an online brand that grabs eyeballs. You can also avail our off-page SEO, content marketing, guest posting, SEO consulting and other resources in this regard.

With the right Search Engine Optimization Services, you can create better engagement for your brand across multiple digital platforms and rank higher on search engines. Good search rankings are the best way to get more visitors, leads and potential customers while also consolidating the presence of your company in the online arena. This is why good SEO practices have become invaluable for every business today. The size of your business does not matter; SEO Services come in handy for businesses and entities of all sizes, no matter their brand value and reputation.


The key advantage of the right SEO Services in USA is that they will get down your per-lead marketing costs and give your lead conversion rates a boost. Although mastering online selling is an art in itself, the right SEO practices will help you get there quickly. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy; instead, deeply personalized SEO Services that are in sync with business objectives and goals are the need of the hour. We at Infidigit help you get the leverage your business needs — get in touch with us today!

Make Your Website Rank Higher On Google

You are just one step away from ranking your website higher on Google!

How does SEO work?

SEO tactics are categorized as: 

On-page SEO

focusing on content optimization

Off-page SEO

focusing on link building and guest posting

Technical SEO

focusing on accessibility and site architecture

All the above strategies have a common goal: make the site trustworthy and user-friendly. 

The site should have strong technical SEO support to get indexed. This means that the technical architecture of the site, like the site speed, image size, mobile-friendliness, etc, should be just right. Technical limitations can otherwise result in a wastage of the time, money, and efforts spent on the other two SEO tactics.

Search engines like Google send out crawlers across the web content to gather all the information to build an index. This information is inclusive of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO components. When a query comes in on the search bar of Google, Google’s algorithm scrolls through the index content to present the most relevant content on screen.

At this point, SEO plays the lead role. It lets the search engines identify and comprehend the content of the site, its values, and its keywords. SEO pulls in organic traffic to the website and strengthens the brand’s digital marketing strategy. 

Why are SEO Marketing Services Essential to Boost Business Growth?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of developing and curating your website and Web page content in a way that increases your brand’s visibility and generates more organic reach. The process is continuous and requires a brand to stay updated with changing algorithms and trends. To unleash the full potential of SEO services, you need to have a dynamic and personalized SEO strategy. However, building an SEO strategy yourself can be time-consuming, leaving you with little room for focusing on running other operations. Taking the help of an experienced and agile SEO service provider can speed up the process for you and help you make a higher impact on search engines. Finding the right SEO services in USA can:

  • Help you find the right keywords, questions, and long-tailed phrases to drive search engines and customers to your website and page
  • Increase your Web traffic reach and sales and, in turn, improve the demand for your products or service
  • Help lead the customer in most need of your products or services to you in no time
  • Help you bag the top spot on search engines and enable them to understand your business better
  • Keep you up-to-date with digital shifts and change
  • Help you develop a long-term strategy customised to your needs and business objectives such that it avoids hitting a dead-end
  • Provide in-depth analysis of technical operations, user behaviour and competitor performance

What our SEO Package includes


  • Technical Analysis
  • On Page Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Ranking Analysis

Technical SEO

  • Manual Audit
  • Automation Audit
  • 270+ Audit Points
  • Mobile Usability And Friendliness
  • Schema Implementations
  • Sitemap And Robts.txt Optimization
  • Page Score Optimization
  • Site Architecture
  • Crawl Optimization


  • Content Guidelines Creation
  • Content Gap Analysis
  • Content Structure Creation
  • Writing Content as per EAT Guildelines
  • Q&A Writing

On Page SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword to URL Mapping
  • Header Tags Optimisation
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Image and Video Optimization
  • URL Structure Optimization
  • Canonicals and Redirects

Off Page SEO

  • Bloggers Outreach
  • Classified Q&A
  • Article Submission
  • PPT & PDF Creation
  • Newswires Submission
  • Image Submissions


  • Keywords Ranking Report
  • Click Share Report
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Google Search Console Report
  • Content Report

How can SEO Help Your Business?

There are several ways in which SEO can benefit your business. It can:

Boost the organic traffic to your website

Keywords and the right SEO strategy can put you ahead of your competitors on browser search result pages in order to garner more organic traffic.

Enhance user experience

SEO is more than just stuffing keywords in a piece of content. It is a process that makes your website more user and browser friendly.

Work as a smart marketing tool

Unlike costly ads and other paid marketing tools, SEO services are a great way to get more users.

Make your business and website more credible

The higher your Web page ranks on Google, the more likely it is that the audience will trust it. SEO services will help you climb that ladder.

Get Acquainted with our SEO Process

It is no secret that SEO services require constant monitoring and understanding of the intricacies of the processes. Here is ours:

1. Setting Goals

As one of the pioneers of SEO services in USA, we make it a point to make our client’s goals our goals. We have a meticulous discussion with our clients to understand the crux of their functionings and goals and match up with their requirements. 

2. Creating Long Term Plans

Once we have conclusively established the goals, the next step is to create  strategies for your business by charting out a plan to achieve all the objectives and eventually, the goal of your company for a streamlined journey.

3. Getting ahead of the Competition

Our SEO services are centred around one objective – helping you surpass your competitors. We conduct a thorough competitor analysis to understand how they are generating traffic, to help you surpass their results with ease.

4. Conducting Thorough SEO Audits

The first and foremost thing that an SEO company should do is conduct thorough audits to analyze the websites and chart a plan to work on. Infidigit conducts a thorough SEO Audit with a 270+ audit pointer checklist and technical SEO audit pointers to conclusively tell you the areas of improvement on your websites.

5. On-Page Activities

We take our digital marketing services seriously and provide a multitude of on-page activities to keep your webpages healthy and organically ranked in search engines. Whether it is content optimization, internal linking, URL optimization, meta descriptions, or content creation, we make sure that your webpages are always on the top of their game.

6. Off-Page Activities

Apart from taking care of on-page activities, we also ensure that your brand visibility is increased with elaborate influencer outreach activities.

7. Regular Performance Tracking

Our SEO services involve the use of established industry tools like Google Analytics, Webmaster, SEMRush, Ahref, etc. The use of these tools ensures that all your webpages’ performance is monitored daily and kept at their best health to maintain a constant flow of organic traffic.

How can Infidigit’s SEO Services Help You?

Increase in Revenue

By increasing organic traffic on your website, we make sure that your revenue sees a significant bump via organic channels.

Brand Visibility

We help your business in creating a positive brand image through optimum search engine ranking and increase your brand’s online recognition and presence.

More Sales

Increase in search engine rankings means more prospects visiting your website. This means you get the opportunity to convert more leads which would increase your sales significantly.

Faster Growth

With all the aforementioned factors, your business or brand can expect to grow much faster and make a bigger impact on the industry.

Different types of SEO Services

Enterprise SEO

Grow your enterprise website through our enterprise SEO services

E- Commerce SEO

Increase your eCommerce website traffic & sales through our eCommerce SEO services

SEO Audit

Get an in-depth technical SEO audit report through our SEO audit services

Local SEO

Increase local traffic from your customers through our local SEO services

SEO Penalty Recovery

Recover from Google penalty through a focused strategy on penalty recovery services

SEO Contract Staffing

Grow your enterprise website through our enterprise SEO services

Why Infidigit as SEO Service Provider?

Being one of the premium SEO service providers, we always aim to increase our client’s digital revenue by practising the best of SEO strategies. Here are some more strengths that help us to lead the SEO industry:

Dedicated Project Manager

No matter how small or big the project requirements are, we always have a dedicated project manager for every brand. The primary responsibility of the project manager to deliver high-quality results regularly.

Team of 80+ SEO expert

In this short period, we have built up a team of 80+ SEO experts. Each individual is assigned to only one project at a time which makes them dedicated towards achieving the defined goals.

Award Winners

In the last three years, we have bagged more than 25 awards for our outstanding work in the SEO industry.

Data Driven Approach

We always rely on data to make accurate decisions for your brand. This approach has helped to increase to grow exponentially.


Though our company is three years old, our team has a combined experience of 10 to 15 years in the SEO industry.

Regular Reporting

We make sure that our clients are updated with the latest performance reports. These reports also help us to create a roadmap to increase the performance and results for your brand.

Consider us as your In-house SEO Team

You are just one step away from ranking your website higher on Google!

What Our SEO Services Includes?

Infidigit is one of the top SEO service providers in USA. With its flair to deliver exemplary results in the form of search engine rankings and exceed marketing goals, Infidigit has a proven track record of driving exemplary results by providing top-tier SEO services.

1. Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis helps us to understand SEO practices of your competitor

2. SEO Audit

We cover more than 270 pointers in our technical SEO audits

3. Keyword Analysis

Keyword Research helps us to finalize the keywords we need to rank for

4. On Page SEO Implementation

On Page factors like meta tags, URLs, header tags are implemented

5. Content Optimization

We create engaging content which ranks better on SERPs