Google: Featured Snippet Update

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Google: Featured Snippet Update

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    Google has launched an update that will take the users to the relevant text on the web page for some of the featured snippet results. Google SearchLiaison made this announcement on twitter. 

    However, this change will only happen where Google can confidently determine where they can direct users to the exact content and not for all the featured snippets. Furthermore, the team announced that there is no special markup needed to be eligible for this feature.

    How this works:

    Do a Google search for “How to Play Football” or any keyword that you think may result as a featured snippet. The result shown in the SERP for “How to Play Football” is shared in the below screenshot.

    Google Search - How to play football

    Click on the featured snippet, and when redirected on the landing page, you’ll see Google has highlighted the text that we see in the featured snippet shared above. 

    Google Highlights Featured Snippet Texts

    Earlier, this feature was made available for AMP pages and now has been made live for HTML pages as well. With this change, it will be easier for users to locate the content on a page that they read on the featured snippet, and it will ultimately enhance the user experience. Follow our blog for more such Digital Marketing updates.

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    Featured Snippet Update - Infidigit

    Google: Featured Snippet Update