Google Highlights The Importance of SEO Via A Series Of Blog Posts

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Google Highlights The Importance of SEO Via A Series Of Blog Posts

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    Google introduces a series of blog posts dedicated to studying the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    With its series of informative blog posts, Google aims towards sharing success stories of companies that have benefited from SEO. Google’s idea is to target the majority of people who are unaware of the importance of investing in SEO. 

    The first case study focuses on a South Korean online recruiting firm, Saramin that decided to invest in SEO and saw a drastic surge in new signups on the website.

    Case Study: How SEO Lead to A 93% Increase in New Signups

    Google Webmasters’ trend analyst Gary Illyes spoke to the SEO manager of Saramin, Moon Tae Sung, at a Google Webmaster Conference in Seoul, South Korea. Saramin is one of South Korea’s largest online recruitment firms. 

    People visit Saramin’s website for job searches, submitting their applications, and information related to their desired work profile.

    The company offers services, including:

    • AI-based Interviews
    • AI-based Headhunting Services
    • Job Posting Recommendations
    • Company and Salary Information

    Saramin’s Success With Google Search Console

    Saramin started with Google Search Console in the year 2015 and dedicated its time to find and fix crawling errors using the tool that led to a 15% surge in organic search traffic. Hence, with early success, Saramin decided to invest and implement SEO in their activities. 

    Gradual Changes for Big Gains

    Later, Saramin focused on implementing gradual changes by studying the Google Search Developer’s guide and help centre articles. The implemented modifications were as follows –

    This process of making changes involved Saramin using other Google tools, including Structured Data Testing Tool, Mobile-Friendly Test, PageSpeed Insights, and AMP. Eventually, Saramin saw an accelerated increase in organic traffic when the errors in Search Console’s Index Coverage report turned green from red. 

    The Results

    • Saramin’s quality of organic traffic saw a drastic surge, and they achieved a 93% increase in the number of new signups. Also, the company saw a 9% increase in conversion rates.
    • Like Saramin, if you too want to get your success story featured in Google’s blog post, sign up for the Google Webmaster Conference near you and submit your talk proposal.

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    Google Highlights The Importance of SEO Via A Series Of Blog Posts