Google Launched Keen as a New Source of Referral Traffic

A content discovery service called Keen, has been announced by Google, which is referred to as a competitor of Pinterest.

Keen is a machine learning app which promotes relevant websites and webpages to its users. Keen is ready to become a source of referral traffic.

What is Keen?

Keen is a web and android application which is a part of Google’s Area 120 Projects. These Projects are a workplace where a group of people work as a team to bring innovative ideas into reality. 

According to Google’s Post, Keen grew through a husband and wife who used to share the information which was important to them. While gathering information about links and resources, they felt a need for a tool which will help them in curating those ideas and sharing them.

The curated content can be kept private or even shared with people.

According to an official announcement you can:

“Save and add links, text, images and web searches. Everything you add gets you more to explore…”

The ‘More to Explore” option is going to help get more traffic.

Keen- A New Channel for Referral Traffic

Keen is a modern way to increase visibility and traffic. A referral from one acquaintance to another is the most strong recommendation a website can get.

Keens’s relevance to the online community is that it provides a new path for users to access web content. For the users to get content which they desire, Keen helps them for it. Keen is a source through which you can increase traffic on your websites and as well as popularity. Web publishers and search marketers will find it useful to look at Keen to see how it might fit into their marketing strategies.

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Google Launched Keen as a New Source of Referral Traffic