Google’s New Update on Video Structured Data Features

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Google has enhanced its video structured data with new features that would appear on video search results. 

Lizzi Harvey from Google posted on Twitter about the recent updates to video structured data. He confirmed that it is indeed a huge refresh. Google also introduced some important details on how to monitor overall video performance in the Google Search Console, how to mark timestamps on YouTube videos, and also the ‘live badge’ feature which will be seen for the videos that are running live.

Google's Lizzi Harvey post on Twitter

Here is the summary of the new information that was added in the update:

Timestamps for Videos on Youtube:

Lizzi Harvey says that if your video is on Youtube, you do not require any schema markups to assign timestamps. One can add timestamps in the YouTube video description. Google suggests that the timestamps be placed in chronological order. This helps the searchers to directly jump to a particular part of the video.

Timestamps in the YouTube video description

 Live Badge for Video Streaming

Are your videos streaming live? You can now get a ‘live badge’ in the search results for your video by adding BroadcastEvent into VideoObject. To make sure Google identifies your live streaming video on time, one needs to use the Indexing API.

 Live Badge for Video Streaming

Here are a few ‘Live Badge’ guidelines that must be followed:

Avoid using offensive language in the structured data.

Add Indexing API to make sure Google crawls the live streaming video.

The API needs to be called for the following event:

  • When videos go live 
  • When the video has stopped streaming, the markup for the page is updated to indicate the end date.

Video Appearance Reports in Search Console:

Recently, the Google Search Console was updated with the reports on videos. Google’s video structured data documents now contain information on how you can monitor video performance in the Search Console and check how your video appears in search.

Video Search Appearance Reports in Search Console

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video structured data - Infidigit

Google’s New Update on Video Structured Data Features