Google Comments on GA is Used for Ranking Purposes

Google’s John Mueller explained some points on the fact that Google uses Google Analytics data for ranking purposes.

Google Analytics data used by Google 

The belief that Google was using data from Google Analytics for its own purposes is based on Google’s official statements.

There have been several claims along the way (but never any evidence) that Google Analytics data was used for ranking purposes.

Google’s Terms of Service

Google Analytics terms and conditions of service state that Google “can” use the data collected from Google Analytics.

Google Anonymised Use of GA Declaration

And in 2008, Google revealed an experimental program called Google Trends for Websites, which obtained some of its data from the Google Analytics user opt-in user.

Below is a screenshot from a help page Google archive explaining Google Analytics as a data source.

Google archive explaining Google Analytics as a data source

Why Google Acquired An Analytics Firm

The explanation for the acquisition of Urchin, which later became Google Analytics, was that it complemented Google’s PPC business. Google will provide advertisers with a better experience when the ads and tracking work closely together.

Google Product Marketing Vice President then said:

“This technology is a valuable addition to the advertisement and publishing suite of Google”.

Is Google using GA for purposes of the ranking?

It’s easy to see how the perception that Google is using analytics to manipulate search rankings has come to be. This idea has a long history going back as far as 2008. After many years the topic came up again.

John Müller Explains the Google Analytic Theory

Google’s Webmaster Analyst, John Mueller, stepped in and made it clear that Google does not use Google Analytics data for ranking purposes:

Google Do Not Use Analytics for Ranking Purposes

Google could not be any clearer: Google will not use analytics data for ranking purposes. The statement that Google is using analytics to penalize better sites or ranking pages is not backed by any evidence.

Back in 2012, one of Ted Ulle ‘s top search marketing experts posted this in a WebmasterWorld discussion.

“You’re assuming Google actually uses Analytics data to rank websites? I realize some people are assuming that, but I’ve seen absolutely NO hard evidence that it’s true. The idea is pure tinfoil…”

Key Takeaway

Google simply does not use GA data for ranking purposes.

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Google Comments on GA is Used for Ranking Purposes