Yes, Google Search Console is Displaying a 500 Server Error

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Yes, Google Search Console is Displaying a 500 Server Error

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    Did you try to get a follow-up on Search Console reports and end up with a 500 Error? Well, you’re not the only one

    A lot has happened since yesterday when we realized that the Search Console reports were stuck and were wondering if it was just us. Since then,Google cleared a lot of confusion around its Search Console performance report after acknowledging a delay that was ‘longer than usual.’

    Yesterday afternoon, Google took to Twitter to inform webmasters and site owners across the globe that its Search Console performance report was, in fact, stuck. They provided clarification as to how this delay only affected reporting and not crawling, indexing, or ranking of websites.

    However, that is not all! After Google confirmed that they were looking into the matter, there seems to be something wrong with the Search Console today as well. Google Search Console is now showing a 500 Server Error upon opening a property. Isn’t this an excellent reminder to review your data in Search Console on a regular basis rather than relying entirely on tools that may pull data into automatic reports?

    Google Search Console Error

    If you’re wondering when this will resolve, here’s what we know.

    This issue isn’t affecting how sites are seen or crawled, only how data is displayed in the reports. Until then, let’s explain to our clients why the weekly reports will most likely not happen today either and how their website isn’t the only one that is affected.

    We will update the page with some more information once there’s development to the case. Till then, let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below!

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    Yes, Google Search Console is Displaying a 500 Server Error