Google Search Console Removes Average Position or is it another glitch?

While I was more inclined towards spirituality and understanding the algorithms of life, SEO happened.

Google Search Console Removes Average Position or is it another glitch?

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    We’ve seen a lot of Google Search Console bugs in the past and this has frequently resulted in data loss or data anomalies for a specified time period.

    On April 28th, 2022, 16:00 IST, team members at Infidigit observed the “average position” feature of Google Search Console was missing.

    Screenshot added for your reference:

    Moreover, if that wasn’t strange enough, there were a few more issues we witnessed:

    • When we deselected Clicks, Impressions, and CTR; Clicks & Impressions line appeared on the chart
    • When we selected Clicks, Impressions, and CTR, only the CTR line appeared on the chart
    • When we selected Clicks & CTR, the chart showed Impressions & CTR, and when we clicked on Impressions & CTR, the chart showed Clicks & CTR

    Can we still access the average position feature?

    Yes. When you compare the data for a certain time period, you’ll see that the average position section appears.

    What is “Average Position” in Google Search Console?

    Search Console’s average position (in numerical order of URL displayed in search results) is displayed at the top of the search results page. “Position is calculated by placing the primary side of the page first, the secondary side next, then, in a bottom-top order from top-to-bottom”, says Google.

    How accurate are these average positions?

    Mueller in 2021 clarified that “the average position metric is not theoretical. Like all metrics in the search performance report, the average position is calculated using data from actual search results”.

    He also added that “It is based on the average top position of a URL from your site. If there are multiple URLs from your website which are shown on the search results page, we’ll use the topmost one for this average”.

    “You might not always see the same position when you check yourself. That’s generally due to personalization, geo-targeting, or because of short-lived visibility in search”.

    “You can sometimes make assumptions that this is happening if you see a number of impressions that is significantly lower than what you’d expect for those queries. That’s usually a sign that your site was only visible for a small part of the overall impressions”.

    If this is an issue, when will it be fixed?

    Well before we could finish up this article, the issue was resolved within 2 hours.

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    Google Search Console Removes Average Position or is it another glitch?