Google Search will now auto-translate results in Indian languages

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Google Search will now auto-translate results in Indian languages

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    Google will auto-translate titles, meta descriptions, snippets, and content on pages in Indian languages

    This is good news for people in India who use Google Search to find information across the web. In a recent announcement from Google for India 2021, search results will be auto-translated in the preferred language set by Indians. 

    There are currently five Indian languages supported: 

    • Hindi
    • Kannada
    • Tamil
    • Telugu
    • Malayalam

    In the following releases, more languages are planned to be included.

    Here’s the official announcement:

    “When people across India access the web, not surprisingly, they prefer to find content in the languages they use in their daily lives. However, the local language web ecosystem is still growing, and most information on the web is in English. This often leads to people being unable to find useful information in their own language online.

    …today we are announcing a feature in Search that will give users the option to access web pages originally written in other languages, and see it in their preferred language.”

    Google India also went on to explain how this new feature will work and showcased it using an example:

    google auto-transalte for Indian languages
    Source: Google India Blog

    You’ll also be able to hear the search results in Indian languages, which is a neat feature added to Google Search for India. This new feature will be available in Hinglish, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and Tamil. Google India intends to support additional Indian languages in the future.

    Here’s the announcement:
    “We are also expanding voice driven experiences in Indian languages by introducing the ability to hear search results out loud, for users who find it easier to consume information by listening.”

    voice search auto translate in Indian languages
    Source: Google India Blog

    This Google initiative will immensely assist Indian people who seek and find useful information on the web in their native languages. We believe that this will encourage more users from different parts of India to adopt Google Search, leading to an increase in searches.

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    Google for India 2021

    Google Search will now auto-translate results in Indian languages