Google Tests a New Reporting System for the Site Owners to Report Urgent Security Issues

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Google Tests a New Reporting System for the Site Owners to Report Urgent Security Issues

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    Google is introducing a new reporting tool inside the Google Search Console for website owners. The reporting tool is for those whose sites have been flagged with a security issue.

    Suppose your site contained malware or was hacked. You can use the new reporting tool to prompt Google to re-examine the site as soon as the problem is solved. Currently, the tool is only available to those who use English-language help pages. Other languages will be supported in the future. 

    Here’s what Google said on Twitter

    “Google provides many support mechanisms, but we recognize there can be situations where site owners may wish to report urgent bugs or other issues in a timely manner. To help, we’re piloting a new reporting system beginning with security issues.”

    Where can I access the new reporting system?

    The new reporting system will be available within Google Search Console tool. Google indicated that the report will only be visible to site owners whose websites have been flagged with security issues. Google already provides help pages and public resources to help website owners fix bugs and recover from them. But if the issue cannot be resolved using the existing support mechanisms, site owners can now opt for the new security reporting system.

    Google Webmasters Tweet

    Here’s a look at the new reporting system for security issues

    Reporting System for Security Issues

    What other issues will the new reporting system support?

    Google plans to expand the reporting system to cover more issues. But that is the thing of the future. The expansion will largely depend on how the new reporting system for security issues plays out. If this new feature is successful, Google will be adding support for more issues faced by the site owners. This will help site owners save valuable time and get their websites up and running in a timely manner.

    Here’s what Google said:

    “We may expand the reporting system to cover other issues in the future, if this pilot is successful. However, many can find support for issues already using our help pages and webmaster forum, as explained here

    Key Takeaways

    Google’s new reporting system comes as a breath of fresh air for site owners. Websites that have been flagged for security issues by Google often have to wait a long time to be re-examined. If you are an SEO company, you already know how troublesome it is to recover after Google has flagged the website for security reasons.

    Although Google has some resourceful help pages and the webmaster’s forum, the process takes time. Google has acknowledged this and introduced the new reporting system for urgent security issues/bugs. If this feature is successful, we can expect the new reporting system to offer support for other critical issues as well.

    Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this new reporting system.

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    Google Tests a New Reporting System for the Site Owners to Report Urgent Security Issues