Google Discontinues Mobile-Friendly, Page Speed, Secure Sites, and Page Experience Ranking Systems

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Google Discontinues Mobile-Friendly, Page Speed, Secure Sites, and Page Experience Ranking Systems

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    Google released its broad core update in March 2023. The update targeted all content types across all languages and regions to reward or promote high-quality web pages. Google says this core update (or any other) does not target specific sites or pages.

    On April 21, 2023, Google recently refreshed its documented ranking systems page by removing four ranking systems from the list. There are four main systems: the Page Experience System, the Mobile-Friendly Ranking System, the Page Speed System, and the Secure Sites System.

    Google has its own process for removing factors from the list. Interestingly, Google abandoned the page experience system but didn’t remove it from the main list. The remaining aspects like mobile-friendly ranking, page speed, and secure site systems, were likewise taken off the list of retired systems.

    You might be wondering if any of those mentioned above were major or real ranking systems in Google’s history or if they were just fake sticks to motivate website owners to improve their sites’ usability and security.

    These are the major ranking signals or systems that Google removed recently:

    1. Page experience system
    2. Mobile-friendly ranking system
    3. Page speed system
    4. Secure sites system

    Now another question arises here why did Google do it? What was the reason to remove these ranking signals? Page Experience was a set of criteria used to measure how easy and enjoyable it is for people to use a website, such as how quickly it loads, how easy it is to navigate, and how well it works on mobile devices. While Page Experience won’t be a specific ranking factor anymore, Google still considers these factors important for providing a good user experience, and they will continue to be part of its overall algorithm for determining search results.

    When you look at the different FAQ sections on the Google SERP concerning Core Web Vitals, you will always find Page Experience, Mobile Friendly, HTTPS, and no intrusive interstitials as a part of them. 

    Although not all these ranking signals will be applied to directly influence the rankings on SERP, they are all important characteristics of page experience that will further correlate with SERP rankings.

     Google clarified, “What does this represent for the “page experience update”?” 

    According to Google, the purpose of the page experience update was to draw focus on important website user experience components that website owners should prioritize. 

    With this update, Core Web Vitals became a new indicator that Google’s ranking algorithm now considers in addition to existing page experience signals.

    To conclude, the significance of these eliminated ranking systems may not have been as great as originally believed. However, given that they may indirectly affect search results, it is still crucial for website owners to pay attention to these components of the page experience.

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    Google Discontinues Mobile-Friendly, Page Speed, Secure Sites, and Page Experience Ranking Systems