How Google Search keeps Enhancing Search Results

How Google Search keeps Enhancing Search Results

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    Google offers a beginner-friendly description of how a new video released on the company’s YouTube channel would boost the search results.

    A Recap: How Google Search does better

    Google can not make improvements to the individual search results pages, contrary to what some people may believe.

    Instead, it implements systems that boost the overall search performance.

    “No system is optimal, and sometimes our marking is incorrect, and information from the most reliable sources is irrelevant.


    You may think we should only correct the results for that particular search. Still, with billions of searches every day, there is no way anyone can manually determine which pieces of content should be listed over others.


    Here’s what we are doing instead:


    We do so by bringing about changes to our systems so we believe may support not only those queries that produce inaccurate or irrelevant results but a wide range of similar searches”.

    At Least thousands of improvements a year

    The video goes on to show Google made more than 3000 changes to search results in 2019 alone.

    That’s an average of almost 10 improvements a day.

    “These improvements help us rate our blue web link results, and our search features like autocomplete, knowledge panels, and featured snippets”.

    Not all of them are algorithm updates.

    Improvements can be like editing some information inside search apps.

    Although Google can not make changes to individual SERPs, it can make changes to some search features.

    Google can change these search features manually based on the feedback from users. 

    Every now and then we must delete inaccurate or inappropriate details from our own search features.

    Often we’re alerted to problems based on our users’ feedback. Then we look at what happened in this case, take what we have learned and try to strengthen our processes to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

    “Google ends the video by saying there is no perfect system. Yet the organization is committed to making regular changes to help people find what they want”

    Check the video below

    YouTube video

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    How Google Search keeps Enhancing Search Results