Manage Reviews with New Google My Business Tool

Google My Business has released another new feature where you can see the reviews for your business. Earlier, there was no genuine method to see the status of reviews you submitted for a takedown in a coordinated manner. 

Keeping in mind that it doesn’t appear to function admirably for organizations that oversee numerous areas, it is a valuable apparatus. Joy Hawkins previously spoke about it and said, “This feature appears to just work for Google My Business accounts that have few listings in them.” 

Here is how it works: 

Stage 1: Select your business: 

Stage 2: Select if you want to check the status of a review that is already reported or if you want to report a new review, then follow the below steps:

On clicking the Check Status option, you can see the recently reported reviews.

Click on Continue to know the detailed summary of that review and even submit an appeal, in case if your recent request was not accepted.

Returning up, if you chose to report another review for a takedown, Google would show you a list of your reviews (some of them), along with the links to see them on Google Maps and an option to report the review: 

After that, click on continue, and Done!!!

This should give business entrepreneurs more freedom to understand when they can flag/remove a review from their Google Local Business listing. Although, from our recent experience, Google can remove reviews within hours when the review is not in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

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Manage Reviews with New Google My Business Tool