SEO for Dark Mode Websites – What does Google Say About it.

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SEO for Dark Mode Websites – What does Google Say About it.

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    The Dark mode when enabled offers reverse colour scheme on the website or a mobile app, where the background turns black and text changes to white in colour.  With ‘Dark mode’ taking over the internet, within no-time, Google Webmaster and Trends Analyst, John Mueller was asked about SEO for websites with a dark mode setting in a Google Webmaster Central hangout on 18 October 2019.

    Here is the question verbatim:

    “We want to implement a dark mode for our website. Do we have to consider anything in relation to SEO?

    To this, John began by expressing that he is a fan of the dark mode trend and was amazed to see the user response to it. He said that Google has no issue with using dark mode for a website, as it is handled by CSS. This does not affect the crawling of the website for indexing purposes.

    So, is Dark Mode a Ranking Factor?

    In this session, Mueller made it clear that the dark mode is not a ranking factor currently. But he also indicated it could be a ranking factor someday if it is popularly implemented by websites. Serving dark mode sites to the users with the dark mode setting activated on their phone would then make sense from a user perspective.

    Here is John’s full response to the question:

    “I think this is totally cool. I really like the trend to ‘dark mode’ websites or ‘dark mode’ apps in general. It’s something that I wouldn’t have expected a few years back, that people would want to have kind of this dark mode/light mode setup.

    With regards to SEO that’s absolutely not a problem. Usually, people implement this using CSS, and the way you implement things in CSS doesn’t affect how we would pick things up for indexing. So, go for it, I think that’s really awesome.

    I don’t think dark mode would be a ranking factor. So, maybe, at some point in the future if dark mode is really, really popular then maybe we would need to highlight dark mode sites in search when people have their phone set up to dark mode. But I don’t know if that would actually happen, or if it will really go that far.”

    Take-Away from the Session

    John Mueller said that he is unsure whether the dark mode will actually be a ranking factor but it is an exciting subject to talk about. Simply put, you can implement the dark mode on your website without it really affecting your ranking for now.

    Check John Mueller’s full response in the video below:

    YouTube video

    Do let us know your thoughts on SEO for Dark Mode Websites in the comment section.

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    SEO for Dark Mode Websites

    SEO for Dark Mode Websites – What does Google Say About it.