Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets & Save Drafts

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Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets & Save Drafts

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    Scheduling tweets on twitter was only possible through third-party tools until now. Recently, Twitter launched the ‘Schedule Tweets’ feature on their website, which will help users to schedule tweets in advance without the use of any other tool. This feature is available on the browser and will be available in the mobile application too. 

    Here is the announcement

    Below are the steps to schedule tweets on the twitter site

    Once you compose a tweet, before hitting the tweet button, click on the icon which looks like a calendar highlighted in the screenshot below.

    Twitter Calendar Icon

    Post clicking the Calendar icon, you will see options to schedule tweets for upto 18 months in advance. You can select the Date, Time and Timezone from the available options. Below is the screenshot of how this feature looks.

    Schedule Tweets

    A list of all scheduled tweets is shown in this window which can be managed or adjusted whenever required. 

    Twitter added saving drafts feature along with scheduling tweets on the site. This feature is available in the mobile application and now added to the web version of the site after the recent update. 

    Here is how you can do it

    Click the “X” button on the top left of the compose tweet box. You will get the option to save or permanently delete your composition. You may choose to save the composition if you wish to rework on it and get back to finish it anytime as per your preference. Below is how this will look.

    Save Tweet

    With the addition of these two features, it will help users to schedule their tweets all together at one particular time of the day. Also, users, who wish to assess the tweet they’re sharing on their profile, save draft feature will be very helpful for them. 

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    Twitter Lets Users Schedule Tweets & Save Drafts