W3C Announces Major Change

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W3C Announces Major Change

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    The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) has announced a major change in the way it is going to function. The W3C is the requirements physique in command of the web demands comparable to HTML and browser privateness. It has stated that from the next year, i.e., January 2023, they will be converted into a new public-interest non-profit group.

    W3C is crucial for the entire web as it is developing the standards of privacy with stakeholders from around the world. Following the announcement, it is noted that major stakeholders such as Google, Brave browser, Microsoft and others would be involved in developing the new standards as to how the privacy would be managed by the browsers.

    With that said, there are others at stake who, via third-party trackers, track users across the web who are trying to influence what these new requirements should be. A news report was seen quoting on the internal W3C struggle for what the way forward for internet privateness should resemble.

    Pete Snyder, Director of Privacy at Brave, said:

    “They use cynical terms like: ‘We’re here to protect user choice’ or ‘We’re here to protect the open web’. They’re there to slow down privacy protections that the browsers are creating.”

    The W3C was founded in 1994 by Tim Berners-Lee, the web’s inventor. The primary motive of it was to direct the creation of open pointers and guidelines that might encourage the development of the Web. It is currently a “hosted mannequin” a world standards-making model that is hosted in the USA, France, China and Japan.

    The major reason behind their transition into a non-profit group was that the previous one hindered rapid development. According to the official announcement:

    “We need a structure where we meet at a faster pace the demands of new web capabilities and address the urgent problems of the web. The W3C Team is small, bounded in size, and the Hosted model hinders rapid development and acquisition of skills in new fields. We need to put governance at the center of the new organization to achieve clearer reporting, accountability, greater diversity and strategic direction, better global coordination. A Board of Directors will be elected with W3C Member majority. It will include seats that reflect the multi-stakeholder goals of the Web Consortium. We anticipate to continue joint work with today’s Hosts in a mutually beneficial partnership.” 

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    W3C Announces Major Change