YouTube Introduces New Feature Clips For Live Streams

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YouTube Introduces New Feature Clips For Live Streams

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    YouTube has started testing a new feature known as Clips that allow users to create short videos from the content creator’s live stream, which can easily be shared anywhere.

    Clip has been a standard and regular feature in live streaming, YouTube has finally brought it to its platform. As these features are already popular on other platforms, this could prove beneficial for YouTube.

    Creators and viewers can use Clips to grab footage from a live stream. The clip could be of any length from 15 to 60 sec which they can share with other people. Viewers usually create clips of videos that they feel are valuable, entertaining, funny and worth sharing. It’s also feasible to share a 30-sec clip rather than a longer duration video.

    Viewers who attend knowledge-rich live streaming events or webinars and want to share a summary of it to their friends who may have missed these live streaming may also share the key parts of the webinar as different short clips.

    The URL for Clips is unique and links back to the creator’s channel. Therefore, they help boost the creator’s visibility as well. Currently, the Clip feature is in the testing and has been rolled for some videos.

    Clips Beta Testing on YouTube

    Clips is currently in the beta test phase where the feature is tested and visible on select few channels. YouTube may gather necessary information from this beta phase and can further guide the development of this feature. 

    Clips can be created either from live streams or videos uploaded on the channel. When a user makes a clip, it gets stored on the user’s dedicated tab which will house all the user’s clips.

    As clips are tested on a few of the channels, if you happen to watch any videos from one of the channels which are in the test phase, you would see a clip icon below the video. The icon looks like a scissor. Click on the icon, and you may select the portion of the video from x time to x time. You can give the clip a title and share it with anyone. YouTube will create the URL for the clip. 

    All the viewers from the test group’s channel can create and share the clips on social media and other ways such as email. YouTube has not specified which channels are a part of the test group. If you could see one, you should test out by creating a clip and share it with your friends.

    You can learn more about the clips here

    YouTube video

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    YouTube Introduces New Feature Clips For Live Streams