A Comprehensive Guide on What is Facebook Remarketing?

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A Comprehensive Guide on What is Facebook Remarketing?

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    Despite their best efforts, marketers often face cart abandonment issues or find it challenging to get back their lost site visitors. But with the continuous evolution in marketing techniques, brands can now re-engage their audience through remarketing

    Remarketing allows companies to follow their past site visitors around the web and target them through personalized messages. Here’s how Facebook remarketing can help in getting lost visitors. 

    What is Facebook remarketing?

    Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for remarketing today. Facebook remarketing allows brands to run targeted ads on the social media platform and remind their past visitors about what they have missed. 

    Suppose you have an e-commerce website. Despite getting traffic, you realize many people are bouncing off your site and not returning. This is where Facebook remarketing can come to your rescue. It allows you to identify lost visitors and target them through Facebook ads to convert them into customers. 

    Facebook allows you to remarket your products through the following customization options: 

    Customer List

    The customer list allows you to run targeted ads for specific audiences that you already have. The customer list feature is like email marketing which helps you target people through personalized messages. You can take the list of your contacts, such as email addresses, Facebook user IDs, or contact numbers, and upload it to Facebook to target a specific audience. 

    Website Traffic

    This marketing feature on Facebook allows you to display ads to your website visitors within a specific time frame. You can add a Facebook pixel on your site pages which helps you identify and target audiences based on their journey within the sales funnel. 

    App Activity

    Another way of Facebook remarketing is through app activity. With this feature, you can display ads based on user behavior on your app. For example, you can remarket your product a user abandoned in the cart with a special discount code on Facebook. 

    Why Should You Remarket on Facebook?

    Now that you know what Facebook remarketing is, here’s why you should remarket your brand on Facebook. 

    Facebook is one of the most widely used social media platforms, with a monthly active user base surpassing China’s population. Not only this, Facebook witnesses 22 billion ad clicks annually which makes it a lucrative ground for marketing your business. And what can be a better option than targeting prospects that are already familiar with your brand instead of attracting an entirely new set of audiences? 

    People who have already visited your website or downloaded your app are more likely to relate to your ads than the ones who are seeing you for the first time. With Facebook remarketing, you can target and engage people who abandoned your site or app for one reason or the other, get them back, and boost your conversion rates

    Here’s how you can get started with Facebook Remarketing

    So how can you get started with Facebook remarketing? Log into your Facebook Ads Manager Account and choose the “Tools” drop down and select “Audiences.” After this, you have to select “Create Audience” and then “Custom Audience.” Now you can choose from the following remarketing options: 

    Customer List

    You can upload your customer list to Facebook by either copying and pasting it or uploading a file containing phone numbers, emails, or Facebook user IDs. You can also use MailChimp if you wish to upload your customer list via the email server. 

    Website Traffic

    To target your website traffic on Facebook, you have to create and add your Facebook pixel on all your site pages. You can skip this step if you have already installed a custom audience pixel earlier. Here’s how you can create and add pixels: 

    • Go to the “Tools” dropdown at the top of the page
    • Choose “Pixels”
    • Choose “Create a Pixel”
    • You can create and name your pixel

    Once you have created a pixel, create an audience for your ad campaign. Go to the “Create a Custom Audience” option and choose “Website Traffic.” Here you can specify the parameters your site visitors should meet to get your products remarketed. Now you can apply your custom audiences to add sets you already have or create new ones. 

    The best Facebook remarketing practices

    Here are some of the best Facebook remarketing practices that can boost your conversion rates: 

    Purchase followers through remarketing lists

    Having a good number of followers on your page is a great way to promote yourself and improve your social credibility. But increasing your page followers or likes organically can seem an uphill task. With Facebook, you can run paid campaigns to acquire more page promoters. However, make sure you purchase followers only through remarketing, as buying followers that are not interested in your brand may not interact with your posts. 

    Retarget visitors who have previously liked your page 

    It is crucial to ensure that your Facebook followers engage with your content and become loyal brand ambassadors. How can you ensure this? The best way is to promote your page through remarketing and targeting the audience that already knows you. It is because people who have already interacted with your brand will engage more with your posts leading to high relevance scores and organic visibility. 

    Facebook’s targeting options can be combined with your custom audiences

    By combining Facebook’s targeting options with your custom audience, you can target different variations of users at a granular level. While being too granular will shrink your visibility and reach, targeting all the users will also limit your visibility and lead to low relevance scores. So, make sure you maintain a balance between your budget and the size of the audience. 

    When establishing deadlines and creating ad schedules, keep your goal in mind 

    Keep your goals in mind when establishing deadlines and ad schedules. In case of long buying cycles or limited special offers, you must remarket your products aggressively. Suppose you have a Christmas or Diwali sale where you have limited offers on dining sets. Here you must run aggressive ads without frequency caps to a customer list that looked at your dining set but did not buy it. But if you just want to promote your page to your site visitors, you can change your message at regular intervals to stay fresh to your audience. You can also schedule your ads on specific weekdays or hours of the day to get the best results. 

    By combining similar audiences with custom audiences, you can attract new clients

    You can combine similar audiences with your custom audience to expand your reach and attract new clients. It will allow Facebook to find an audience that is similar to your custom audience and is interested in your products or services. 


    No matter the size of your business, Facebook remarketing is the go-to marketing strategy if you wish to regain your lost leads or bounced traffic. If you have a limited audience, remarketing to all your visitors is the best option. But if your audience is wide enough, you should create audiences based on their page visits that indicate their intent. So, take advantage of multiple tools on Facebook and start remarketing yourself today. 

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    Facebook Remarketing

    A Comprehensive Guide on What is Facebook Remarketing?