What is Social Media Conversion, and How is it Measured?

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What is a Social Media Conversion? 

Social media platforms are great marketing channels for customers to engage more and more with your content. It also attracts customers toward your brand, landing pages, or e-commerce shop. 

Social media conversion, however, is the number of viewers engaging with your content and performing a desired action. The desired action may be a click on a link in your social media post leading to your blog or website, a signup for an email campaign, or a purchase of a brand’s products or services.   

Marketers can take social media marketing to the next level and use it as a powerful tool for lead generation. However, to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc., you need to build a decent following and develop highly valuable content for your target audience. Generating leads using organic content requires a lot of time, patience, and testing. 

How to calculate conversions of social media? 

Social media conversion rate represents the proportion of your target audience on social media who successfully perform the desired action aligned with your business objectives, divided by your total audience. 

Social media conversion rate + (number of conversions/ total number of people in the audience)* 100 

What is a good conversion rate for social media

When you have understood what is social media conversion, it is crucial to know what makes it a good rate. A social media conversion rate anywhere between 2-5% is considered a successful rate bringing a decent number of viewer clicks. 

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What is a bad social media conversion?

Once you know what is a good conversion rate for social media, you can easily assess what constitutes a bad rate. However, there isn’t a universal figure tagged as a bad conversion rate. In general, a rate of less than 2-5% is considered poor.  

Top methods for conversion on social media 

Enhance your CTA

To enhance your CTA, experiment with multiple formats and lines that capture the business goals as well as the attention of the target audience. Retarget your CTAs to work them up and use A/B testing to find the best option for improved social media engagement.


Hashtags are useful mediums to boost SEO and lead generation through social media posts. Marketers can employ analytics tools to shortlist high-quality hashtags that will act as discovery tools for prospective customers. Hashtags should be used judiciously to ensure your post reaches the right audience to improve social media conversion rates and ROI.  

Bring influencers on board

Influencers bring social proof, which is a great way to gain the trust of the audience and drive conversions. Influencers bring brand awareness, and their follower count suits social media algorithms. They promote the products and encourage their followers to use referral codes to try them.   


Use CTAs, and link to relevant pages like a landing page, blog, or product page on an e-commerce website to lead the prospect to your desired business goals. The content should be entertaining and familiar to your target audience for a particular platform. Set benchmarks in Google Analytics and measure your social media conversion rate against those benchmarks.  

Social media conversion rate is a key metric to gauge the performance of your social media marketing campaigns and lead generation efforts. Lead generation isn’t just a function of valuable content; it is also how you format your posts and whether the campaigns are a part of your broader content marketing strategy.  

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Social media conversion - Infidigit

What is Social Media Conversion, and How is it Measured?