Enhance Your SEO with Content Gap Analysis

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Enhance Your SEO with Content Gap Analysis

Witness an Increase in your ROI

Unlock higher rankings, quality traffic, and amplified conversions through tailored award-winning SEO strategies.


    What is Content Gap Analysis?

    Content gap analysis is an SEO process that aims to find all the missing loopholes in your existing website content. This process identifies missing links and opportunities with content that can help make your overall content more connected and striking for search engine algorithms.

    This process involves finding out missing opportunities in your content that can align with your consumer’s journey across its various stages. This helps businesses in finding out missed venues that can prove to be a valuable asset for guiding potential customers to the point of conversion.

    The process of content gap analysis involves a comprehensive audit of the following:

    • Existing blogs
    • Webpages
    • Website architecture
    • Landing pages
    • Downloadables

    The purpose of content gap analysis is not just to find missed opportunities to add more useful content to your website. It also aids businesses in refining their customer journeys and discovering newer avenues of generating more engagement from their target audience. 

    It helps the users in getting more informed about your products or services, which improves the chances of their conversion. This is one of the activities that can help you in boosting your revenue significantly if done right.

    Elevate your web presence by Infidigit’s SEO solutions.

    Unlock higher rankings, quality traffic, and increased conversions through tailored award-winning SEO strategies.

    Elevate your web presence by Infidigit’s SEO solutions.

    Unlock higher rankings, quality traffic, and increased conversions through tailored award-winning SEO strategies.

    Importance of Content Gap Analysis

    While there are many steps involved in performing a thorough content gap analysis, the effort can take your website a long way in terms of growth and organic traffic.

    Looking for content gaps in your website can help your entire catalogue of content get tighter and more glue. This helps your content in performing better organically as tightly knit content is a positive signal for search engine algorithms.

    Another major benefit of content gap analysis is that it elevates a buyer’s journey when they visit your website. A new visitor on your website will not come in with a surety of transacting with you. More often than not, visitors are simply on the lookout for information to compare all of the options they have explored.

    A buyer’s journey can be broken down into the following parts when it comes to what they want to consume as content:

    • Awareness – Addresses the problems faced by your audiences and provides key details about your products or services to the visitor to educate them.
    • Consideration – This is the stage where visitors are comparing options. This content is usually comparative, and most commonly comprises reviews or “best of” type of content.
    • Decision – Sales or service pages that are the final checkpoint pages, often referred to as “money-making pages”.

    How to Perform Content Gap Analysis

    Many people confuse content gap analysis as a simple procedure of combing through their content to find out additional content ideas to fill in the gaps. While this is an important part of the process, it also has some additional steps.

    While performing content gap analysis, you must follow a step-by-step procedure to effectively perform it and gain the best results. These steps are:

    1. Understand User Journey

    Firstly, you need to assess what your users’ journey looks like. What are the critical checkpoints where they move from being a visitor to a consumer to a buyer? This is an imperative question that will need some charting out from your end.

    Collect and assess the most asked questions or queries your users have on their journey. This will help you in mapping out the decisions they can make while moving from point A to B to C and so on. What are the call to actions that entice the users to convert? What influences their decision-making?

    Once you have the answers to these questions, you will be able to find if your content is catering to the users’ journeys. If there are some missing links in your content catalogue that can help a user’s journey, you now know what more you need to do.

    2. Market Research

    It is always a good idea to directly ask your audience what type of content they would prefer to read. Conducting comprehensive market research can help you in discovering new content ideas that can cater to the imminent needs of your target audience.

    The feedback from your audience can significantly inform your content and marketing strategies. You can conduct surveys for your audience at check-out points or send them via newsletters or emailers. Using tools like Google Forms for creating anonymous or targeted surveys can significantly help you in achieving valuable insights. 

    3. Audit your content

    A thorough audit of your content will help you uncover various avenues with either scope for improvement or new ideas. Focus on auditing your website content first to assess whether it aligns with your users’ journey to find any missing gaps if any.

    If you publish content across various channels, you can also conduct an audit to assess if the content is meeting the required standards of generating organic traffic. This can help you in weeding out low-performing content, and replacing it with new content that has a better chance of generating more traffic. This can help your website in boosting its domain authority as well.

    4. Competitor analysis

    In most cases, there will be glaring similarities in the content funnel of your competitors. The process of elimination while analyzing your competitor’s content strategy can help you in finding out some good content ideas, as well as gaps in your content.

    Measuring your site against your competitors can help you discover what is working better for them, what you can improve upon, and more. Do their blogs generate better conversions? If so, how? Is their content nurturing their users better to urge the users to convert? These are the questions you need to ask while performing competitor analysis to better your content and fill in the missing gaps.

    Tools You Can Use for Content Gap Analysis 

    1. SEMRush

    SEMRush is a very versatile tool that can help you in finding valuable keywords that your competition is ranking for but you are not. This can help you in creating targeted content strategies to overtake your competitors in organic ranking by outperforming the keywords they use.

    2. Ahrefs

    Ahrefs is a great content gap analysis tool that can do much more than finding gaps in your content. Ahrefs has a content refresh tool, which can help you in finding content in your website that needs a refresh. The tool can find out your old posts or blogs that require an update to boost its SERP rankings organically. 

    Ahrefs can also help you in creating outlines to new posts that you might not have on your website too. This helps businesses in generating new content ideas using this tool and adding more value to their overall content.

    Time to Fill in the Gaps

    Now that you know all that is involved in content gap analysis, it is time to perform your own with the help of a competent SEO service provider like Infidigit. Find all the new opportunities to create valuable content for your audience, and fill in the gaps to propel your conversions and increase engagement.

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    Content Gap Analysis

    Enhance Your SEO with Content Gap Analysis