Ahrefs launches new SEO plugin for WordPress

Ahrefs has launched an SEO plugin for the WordPress platform

WordPress users can download the new plugin on the WordPress Plugin store. Content audits and backlink monitoring are among the features of the Ahrefs plugin. In the WordPress “Posts” area, the plugin will also show the organic traffic and backlinks to your posts.

Here’s the official announcement:

“Introducing the new Ahrefs WordPress plugin! Party popper 

With it, you can now:

– Automate content audits and grow organic traffic

– View suggestions on improving article performance for a target keyword (based on Ahrefs, GA+ GSC data).”

The Ahrefs plugin for WordPress has the following features:

Performance Score

Based on the analysis done by Ahrefs, you will get a performance score based on the number of Well-performing, Under-performing, Non-performing, and Excluded pages. The Ahrefs SEO plugin will also show the number of pages that fall into each of these categories.Performance-score-Ahrefs

Source: Ahrefs

Backlink Monitoring

For each WordPress post, you can now see the number of backlinks the article has received. The Ahrefs plugin will also display any lost or newly discovered links for a certain post. You can also add any URL or domain to your blacklist that you don’t want to see on your dashboard.


Source: Ahrefs

Organic Traffic and Rankings

You will also get the organic traffic and rankings of a particular post using the Ahrefs plugin for WordPress. The Organic traffic is pulled from Google Analytics, so you will require to connect Google Analytics to the Ahrefs plugin. Similarly, the Organic rankings are pulled from Google Search Console (GSC), so a connection between GSC and Ahrefs plugin is required.


Key Takeaway

Ahrefs’ new SEO plugin will undoubtedly assist WordPress users in evaluating the effectiveness of their content. Additionally, you will be given recommendations on how to improve your overall SEO performance. The plugin is promising, but its usefulness will only be seen after a large number of users begin to use it.

Let us know what you think of the new Ahrefs WordPress SEO plugin. Do you intend to give it a shot?

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  1. Another interesting plugin for image optimization: https://wordpress.org/plugins/optipic/ Its automatic convert image to Webp (for webp-supported browsers) and compressed/optimized png/jpeg (for webp-unsupported browsers).

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Ahrefs launches new SEO plugin for WordPress