Apple Safari to Block Google Analytics from Collecting Data

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Apple Safari to Block Google Analytics from Collecting Data

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    Apple has launched a new macOS which contains the latest version of Safari browser. The browser appears to have a feature which blocks trackers like Google Analytics from collecting the data.

    Apple announced a new version of macOS called “The Big Sur” in the recent Apple’s Annual Worldwide developer conference. Apple also showcased the new Privacy report feature in the browser.

    The Privacy feature will list down all the trackers being blocked by the browser when a user visits a particular website. 

    Below is the Screenshot wherein Apple has managed to showcase the blocked tracker also includes Google Analytics

    Apple Screenshot

    The list above also includes other trackers like Amazon & DoubleClick.

    Apple considered the security features as unique selling proposition of its new Operating System. They will also allow the user to add a privacy report widget so that the user can access the data with ease. 

    “Privacy has always been built into Safari, and a new Privacy Report delivers added visibility into how Safari protects browsing activity across the web.

    Users can choose when and which websites a Safari extension can work with, and tools like data breach password monitoring never reveal your password information — not even to Apple.”

    No Official Confirmation Till Now 

    Currently, there is no confirmation from either Google or Apple regarding the same. But the people in the tech and marketing Industries think that this is a route which Apple might take.

    Experts are divided on the issue, but some think the entire Google Analytics would not be blocked. The Screenshot does have the name of Google Analytics, but the indication is that access to third-party storage would be denied.

    It would be great if such an update doesn’t happen as such restrictions cannot capture the traffic from Mac users.

    Meanwhile, Google’s John Mueller has acknowledged the development on Twitter.

    How does it affect the Marketer?

    Rolling out such features on Safari can be bad for the marketers and website owners. It would potentially hurt more the website whose significant traffic is coming from the Safari browser.

    Without the data from Safari, it would be difficult for marketer or website owners to have a clear understanding of the audience irrespective of low traffic from safari browser. It also avoids the marketers from the valuable data, analysing, which can tell how users from Mac are interacting with the website vis-à-vis the other operating system.

    The only good thing about the update is that this update is coming to the desktop version and not to the mobile version.

    Market share: Desktop vs Mobile

    Currently, Safari is having 9.4% desktop market share worldwide, which is not a huge number but still places it in the second position.

    Desktop Market Share

    Source: Stat Counter

    Mobile Market share, on the other hand, has risen to 24.45%, which is almost one-fourth of the total market share. Marketers can heave a sigh of relief as the new features are only showcased for the desktop version and not the mobile one. As the data indicates, the marketers would have lost a lot of data if the changes had rolled out for mobile version.

    Mobile Market Share

    Source: Stat Counter

    How does it affect advertising?

    Well, Apple was always in favour of private browsing experience. They have taken the number of steps in the past.

    The blocking of trackers has resulted in a sharp decline in the price of targeted ads in the Safari browser. With day by day, Apple increasing its block capabilities on Safari would result in even further reduction in the prices.

    Ad buyers would be happy with such low prices since they have to shell out less money for ads. However, at the same time, website owners may feel the pinch since they will receive less money for the ads published.

    Nobody knows how far these changes affect marketers.

    Currently, there is no set date for the roll-out of the new macOS “Big Sur” but going by the past, it mostly rolls out in the fall.

    New Update

    As new information surfaces, it is clear that Apple won’t block first-party tracking software like Google Analytics as it was previously thought. But the feature may only be blocking third-party cookies and cross-site scripting request on Google Analytics from loading. So, Marketers do not have to be worried about losing crucial data anymore.

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    1. Apple’s John Wilander, the WebKit engineer in charge of ITP says it does not work like that. Safari Does Not Block Google Analytics

    2. The news story has been universally debunked as a fraud. Also, John Mueller deleted his Tweet to distance himself from the fraud.
      Apple, Google, Privacy, and Bad Tech Journalism

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    Apple Safari to Block Google Analytics from Collecting Data