Bing uses BERT Model

Bing mentioned that it is using a large transformer model to deliver quality search content to the user from April of this year, which is roughly half a year before Google introduced its BERT search update. Google is also experimenting with BERT, but the update is only affecting 10% of its search results in the US.

Bing also admitted to the challenges that it is facing while implementing the BERT-like model, stating how costly it is to apply a deep learning module like BERT to all Bing searches worldwide. 

Implementing the BERT-like model on Bing search results became possible because of the Microsoft Azure cloud computing service.

Here’s the tweet from Frederic Dubut, Senior Program Manager Lead at Bing:

Bing Says it is Utilizing a BERT

To optimize the BERT algorithm, Bing switched from a CPU model to a GPU model, which led to 800x times throughput improvement. And this improvement made to Bing search was witnessed globally.

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