Bug detected in Crawl Stats Report in Google Search Console

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Bug detected in Crawl Stats Report in Google Search Console

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    Google confirms a bug in the Crawl Stats Report resulting in loss of data for two days.

    You may have observed missing data in your Crawl Stats report in Google Search Console for 20 November and 21 November 2021. Google has acknowledged that this is due to a bug in reporting and the Search Console team is working on fixing the issue.

    Reportedly, a Twitter user asked John Mueller about this issue: 

    “Any else noticing an odd bug in the graph in Crawl Stats report in GSC?”, said Adam Gent.

    Google’s John Mueller answered:

    “It looks like a bug on our side (it’s just a reporting issue, not related to anything else). The SC folks are working on it.”

    Currently, the Crawl stats report on Google Search Console don’t show data for 20 November and 21 November:

    bug in crawl stats report in google search console

    You can check whether you are facing a similar issue, by following this link.

    For those who don’t know where to find the new Crawl Stats report in Google Search Console. Here’s a quick guide:

    • Open Google Search Console and select your respective property
    • Locate “Settings” on the left-hand panel and click it.
    • You will now find a “Crawling” section
    • Click on “Open Report” to see the Crawl stats for your website.

    Key Takeaway

    Missing or lost data can lead to a serious headache for SEO professionals because it makes analysis difficult and also hampers reporting. The good news is that Google is working on fixing this issue and will hopefully be able to retrieve the missing data. If you are facing a similar issue, do leave your comments below.


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    Bug detected in Crawl Stats Report in Google Search Console