Facebook Messenger Can Now Be Used to Answer Customer Messages

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Facebook Messenger Can Now Be Used to Answer Customer Messages

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    Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature for Messenger that allows the page owner to switch between personal and customer messages on the app. This means that business owners will now be able to respond to the customer and private messages from the same app.

    The messages will be grouped in such a way that it provides a clear distinction between personal and business messages so that the business owner does not respond to the messages from a personal account. While responding to the messages, business owners can choose if they want to respond as themselves or as their business.

    Any business page admin would find it difficult downloading and managing multiple apps for communication, even facebook research point to the same direction, i.e., the majority of the page admin does not like managing numerous apps.

    Faster Replies Leads to Greater Conversion 

    Sometimes the customer has a lot of questions before buying a product, and they would love it if it is answered before making a purchase. Solving the doubts clears all the hiccups in their mind about a product. 

    The ability to respond quickly to the customer can be decisive for your business, as the customer may choose your business over others.

    So, the new feature is not only for the benefits of page admins but also for the customer to receive a quick answer to the queries.

    Facebook has gone a step ahead by adding a dual notification system so that business can never miss responding to the customer. A business owner will receive a notification when a customer sends a query; the system then again sends a piece of information when it is not replied for quite some time.

    This new feature can be beneficial when businesses are operating with limited staff due to layoffs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Page Manager App

    The new update to Facebook Messenger is an added feature along with already existing message function in the Page manager app. It is just a different way of replying to the customer from the same app, which is already used by Page admins.

    Businesses still have the option to respond from the page manager app if they wish to.

    Replying to the messages does not need any configuration in Facebook Messenger. Only a page admin’s account should be connected to the Facebook page for the rollout to be applied.  

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    Facebook Messenger Can Now Be Used to Answer Customer Messages