FAQ Rich Results are getting more visibility in Google SERP.

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FAQ Rich Results are getting more visibility in Google SERP.

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    It’s Google’s priority to provide users with the best results for their queries. 

    Websites with FAQ schemas and informative content are getting more visibility than before.

    RankRanger reports that Google now shows FAQ rich results five percentage points more often in its Google search results. In addition, these FAQs are now being shown by Google for more than 27% of queries, compared to 22% only days ago.

    RankRanger is a tool; here’s a chart from it,

    rank ranger

    This may seem like a significant increase, but RankRanger does not lump FAQs and How-To Rich results together in one.

    Mozcast has not yet noticed this, but some evidence suggests an increase in FAQ rich results.

    Brodie Clark explained to me via Twitter that he primarily relies on GSC data from clients. However, he said he couldn’t share this information publicly.

    I asked RankRanger to confirm everything is fine with their data. They did this this morning, stating “We just checked into it.” All data are correct, and it happened on both desktop and mobile.

    Do you notice more FAQ rich results for your site? They may look something like this:

    robots txt

    Glenn Gabe is noticing, he just posted after this story went live:


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    FAQ Rich Results are getting more visibility in Google SERP.