Google announces new YouTube series dedicated to Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce Essentials YouTube Video Series

The new YouTube series is called Ecommerce Essentials

Alan Kent, the Developer Advocate at Google, will be the host of the series. Alan specializes in Ecommerce and will address various technical SEO aspects related to Ecommerce websites in this series.

What to expect from the series?

The Ecommerce Essentials series will cover one main topic in each episode. The topics will be based on problems seen by Google on ecommerce websites. Alan will then discuss the problem in detail which will cover things such as:

  • Potential impact of the problem on your Ecommerce website
  • Tools that can be used to detect the problem
  • Recommendations/Fixes to solve the problem

Google also mentioned that the series will not provide any platform-specific advice and the recommendations provided will be generic in nature.

“My goal is to help you decide which technical areas are worth your team exploring further.

What the series will not cover is advice for specific platforms. For example, I will not be recommending platforms to use, as there are many great solutions on the market. Also, the diversity of solutions means I will focus more on identifying if your website has room for improvement, rather than helping you fix it. Solutions are often platform specific, so any recommendations they give will be fairly generic”, said Alan Kent.

Key Takeaway

This announcement is exciting news for SEOs who work on Ecommerce websites. Ecommerce SEO is often complex and involves various technical jargons that need to be resolved. SEOs are confused whether to go for Pagination or Infinite scroll, or how they need to design the overall folder structure of their pages. In the Ecommerce Essentials series, Google will address these issues which are commonly faced by ecommerce websites in Google Search. 

You can watch the introduction video here:


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Ecommerce Essentials YouTube Video Series

Google announces new YouTube series dedicated to Ecommerce SEO