In the future, Google Chrome will hide parts of URLs

In the future, Google Chrome will hide parts of URLs

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    Google is researching ways to cover sections of the address bar of a website’s URL, displaying only the domain name.

    This update could arrive as early as the next Chrome edition (edition 85), according to Android Police documentation.

    In Chrome developer terms, an experimental feature is referred to as a “flag.”

    This update includes all URL elements, with the exception of the domain name.

    The other found flags are all connected to the primary one. They ‘re revealing new ways to interact with the address bar in future versions of Chrome.

    Users hover over the URL instead of clicking on it to display the entire URL

    Another functionality that works on Chrome will hide the entire address bar when the user starts to interact with the page.

    Why hide the entire path of the URL?

    It is challenging to show the full URL in the address bar to determine if the site is genuine or not.

    Showing a complete URL will weaken the most critical aspect of the domain name, which is key to understanding how secure the site is.

    However, in Safari, you have to click the address bar to see the complete URL path. You need to hover over the address bar in chrome 85 to see the full URL.

    This particular update has not been publicly acknowledged by Google coming to Chrome 85. Maybe it will make a comment when it finally rolls out. 

    It will be important to know the company’s opinion as to why the emphasis on complete URL paths is being removed.

    Key Takeaway

    Google may be working on this update to make the browser more in line with others’ looks and feel ultimately they are trying to improve user experience

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    In the future, Google Chrome will hide parts of URLs