Google Finds More Than 25 Billion Spam Pages a Day

Google released its annual webspam report quantifying Google’s spam-fighting results in 2019. According to the study, over 99% of Google’s search results are spam-free, and the business is doing so a lot. Google’s site spam team finds 25 billion spam sites per day that are taken out of Google’s search results database. Google says that this is a lot of spam, and it shows spammers’ willingness to spam the range, persistence, and length. 

How Google Webspam Fought in 2019 

Google received nearly 230,000 complaints about spam searches in 2019 and analyzed 82 % of them. It is partly because its machine learning programs are better spam-fighting capabilities, a top priority for 2019.

They have stated 

“Our machine learning solutions, combined with our proven and time-tested manual enforcement capability, have been instrumental in identifying and preventing spammy results from being served to users”.

Google’s Victories in Spam Fighting

The spam combat measures of Google continued to reduce user-generated spam, which decreased by 80% in 2018 and did not increase in 2019. 

Connection spam continues to be shared, but Google is becoming better at detecting it. Additionally, Google has verified pay links, and exchanges of links are now much less successful.  

Google mentions the strides made in the battle against spamming sites with self-generated and scrapped material. Such places usually participate inactivities that irritate or damage searchers. 

Examples include sites where fake buttons, overwhelming publicity, suspicious redirects and malware are misleading. 

In 2019, spam effects could be reduced to more than 60 percent compared to 2018 for search users of this kind. 

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Google Finds More Than 25 Billion Spam Pages a Day