Did You Know That Google Has Its Own SEO Team?

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Did You Know That Google Has Its Own SEO Team?

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    We are sure this question crossed your mind at least once – whether Google has its own team that handles SEO for them. Well, the answer is yes. There have been many instances where Google has spoken about its SEO team. 

    We may be inclined towards thinking that Google does not have to do anything significant to achieve rankings for their queries. Well, Google says its SEO team has to work way harder than others. Well, not ranking for a search related to a Google product or their developer docs is surely not acceptable, is it?

    We tried to dig into the articles and videos to find mentions of Google’s SEO team, and we did find some. 

    Fasten your seat belts, here are some instances where Google has spoken about its SEO team:

    Google is looking for an SEO Manager – July 15, 2015

    The talk in the town began in 2015 when Google published a job posting for a “Program Manager – Search Engine Optimization”. This resulted in raising speculations on whether Google has its own SEO team. This job posting put an end to all those questions. 

    This is was the Job Description said:

    Google SEO Manager Job Description

    Google was looking for someone strong in Technical SEO and could help drive organic traffic and business growth to Google.

    Life is tough for Google’s SEO team – January 6, 2020

    It all began when a Reddit user expressed his wish to work for Google in an SEO position. He wanted to know whether Google hires for SEO positions. And if yes, how could he prepare himself for the role.

    Surprisingly, John Mueller entered the Reddit thread and put forth his comments.

    Here’s a screenshot of his response:

    Reddit Thread Comment

    We are not quite sure whether he was referring to the actual day-to-day responsibilities or the tough hiring process for SEO in Google. But John Mueller did admit that Google has its SEO team. He also posted a link to the portal where Google lists jobs from time to time. 

    Well, working for a company like Google will surely require next-level skills. What more do you expect?

    Google’s SEO team require critical abilities – January 27, 2020

    Google has been posting job opportunities from time to time for people who want to join their SEO team. What is more interesting is that Google revealed that it does SEO for all of its products – Chrome, Maps, Android, Search, Analytics, and more.

    To improve its rankings, Google has always been in the hunt for smart and young SEO professionals. The most important ability that is always highlighted in their Job Description is – Being a team player and working cooperatively with multiple teams.

    Other capabilities include strong technical skills, knowledge of programming languages, and strong analytical skills. 

    Google can’t help its SEO team in achieving rankings – April 22, 2020

    In one of the recent videos of Ask Google Webmasters, a question was raised by a site owner about 301 redirects. The question was “After a 301 redirect, how long does Google take to rank the new URL replacing the old one”. You can read more about this here.

    Apart from the question, there was one exciting revelation by John Mueller, which we couldn’t help but notice.

    He revealed in the video that Google couldn’t help its SEO team with any SEO related questions. It seems like Google is keeping the game fair for everyone by not revealing its algorithms to its SEO team. Well, maybe there’s some truth about Google’s SEO team having a hard time at work.

    Can I work for Google’s SEO team?

    Being an SEO professional, maybe it’s your lifelong dream to work in Google’s SEO team. “Hey, he is an SEO Manager at Google” – who would not want such an intro? Just saying.

    Well, like any other job, there are specific criteria that you need to match to be eligible for an SEO job at Google.

    Let’s look at an SEO Manager level job posted by Google

    Required Qualifications:

    SEO Manager Required Qualifications

    Roles and Responsibilities:

    SEO Manager Roles & Responsibilities

    Did you notice how there is no “Link Building” experience required? *cough cough*

    If you feel you have the qualifications and abilities mentioned above, you could be the next employee of Google’s SEO Team.


    SEO is becoming increasingly important with more and more businesses understanding the power of Online Digital Marketing. The fact that Google has an SEO team itself, shows how much of a major role SEO plays for a business.

    Whether it is Google or any other company, nobody wants to fall behind in this race of ranking 1st on the SERP. 

    And just like Google, every company is looking to hire individuals that possess good “team player” skills. So make sure that along with individual growth, you also learn to coexist with other team members. This is also what the pandemic has taught us, eh?

    Let us know in the comments section what are some of the questions on your mind. We’ll try our best to answer them.

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    Did You Know That Google Has Its Own SEO Team?