Google Inclusive Schema For Image Search

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Google Inclusive Schema For Image Search

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    The latest announcement made at Google I/O was a new method to filter image results according to skin tones. In addition, Google announced that content creators would be able to use an “inclusive schema” to label their content using attributes such as skin tone, hair colour, and texture.

    Google stated that “Creating a more representative Search experience isn’t something we can do alone. The systematic labelling of the content is a prominent factor for search visibility. Therefore, we will also develop a standard way to label web content in the coming months.

    This inclusive schema will allow creators, brands, and publishers to label their content using attributes such as skin tone, hair colour, and texture. In addition, this will allow content creators and online businesses to label images in a way search engines and other platforms can understand.

    It will be available soon in the coming months.

    John Mueller from Google was asked about the status on Twitter. He replied that it was still early days, and there were no details yet.

    When is it coming? It is likely that we will hear it soon, possibly in June or July.

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    Google Inclusive Schema For Image Search - Infidigit

    Google Inclusive Schema For Image Search