Google Launches New Podcast Promising Undocumented Information

The trio John Mueller, Martin Splitt, and Gary Illyes from Google are teaming up for a new podcast called “Search off the Record“. 

If you are thinking about whether digital broadcasting is worthwhile – Mueller says the group will share data that has not been archived before in the trailer. For example, a few scenes will contain the basic data on the dynamic procedure behind the launches.

The Google Search Group will also share data on up-and-coming ventures that they are dealing with right now.

What is this all about

Here is how John Mueller introduces members of the audience to Search Off the Record in the trailer

“This is a new podcast series that we’re trying to give some insights behind the scenes into what’s going on at Google when it comes to Search and search communications. 

Our goal is not to be another source of

documentation, but rather to just give some background information on [what’s

on our minds.]” 

Martin Splitt then explains:

“So in this podcast, we are trying to share a little bit with everyone who is interested in what we are thinking and working on, and what happens before things become public. So, like, little bits and pieces from our daily work as well as things we discover at events and on Twitter. A mixed bag, really.”

Why should you listen to the podcast

In clarifying why he likes the name of a video file, Mueller features what may be his most notable selling point

“I kind of like the name ‘Search Off the Record’ because it’s a lot of the stuff that we do that’s not documented. Or kind of some of the information that leads to what we ended up documenting in the end. Which is kind of fun. Also, for some reason, it is recorded but not on records so technically we’re okay. Right?”

Gary Illyes rings in a happy voice, indicating the pleasure would always be a central component of modern broadcasting.

“We had other ideas for the names, and it’s probably great that we chose this name because others were like “Search Engine Square Table. Why should you listen to our podcast? Primarily because we are really, really funny. Secondarily, because we have information that you don’t have. And you want that information badly because we talk about sofas, for example, and we talk about coffee occasionally. Well, actually, almost always. And robots.txt.”

Where can we listen?

Google is yet to post the first complete episode of Search Off the Record, as of now, only the trailer is available online. 

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Google Launches New Podcast Promising Undocumented Information