Google Launches Revised Version of “How Search Works”

While I was more inclined towards spirituality and understanding the algorithms of life, SEO happened.

Google Launches Revised Version of “How Search Works”

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    In the world today, only a few things are equally important to “Information”. From who sells the best ice cream in town to what are the best shares to invest in, lies our decisions, to choose from multiple, relevant & appropriate sources.

    To satisfy such Quest of Search a few years ago a search engine was launched: Google!

    Fast forward to 22 years; today, when a user searches for something irrespective of language, location, or even misspells, the algorithm determines the right set of results and displays it on the search engine result page.

    Difficult to comprehend, but today, Google processes 5.6 billion searches in one single day!

    A number that’s pretty close to the total population of humans on earth; unbelievable huh?

    But how does it really happen?

    Billions of search results are displayed in a fraction of seconds and only a few wonders how this really works.

    Well, for those of you who really wish to know how this happens, there’s good news:

    On 23rd August 2021, at around 10 pm IST, Google Search Liason tweeted:

    “Today, we’ve launched our fully-redesigned and refreshed How Search Works website that explains the ins and outs of Google Search. Learn how we index content, generate results, test and improve”

    Google published an entire hub of articles, that explains “How Search Works”.

    American technologist, journalist & entrepreneur Danny Sullivan (who also happens to be the founder of Search Engine Land) works with Google educating people about Search, has published a 4-minute read article that lets you know what to expect from an article.

    From “How Search Works” you can learn about:

    • Google’s approach – How they deliver the most relevant and reliable information: How they are maximizing access to information: How they present information in the most useful way: How they protect privacy & more
    • The article also talks about useful features like Knowledge Graph, Local Search Results, Featured Snippets, etc.
    • Know about “How Google organizes information: that begins with Crawling, Indexing & Continuous Crawling for more information

    If that’s not enough, you can also learn about:

    • Ranking Results – That tells you how the order of search results is determined
    • Rigorous Testing – That tells how Google processes tools that identify useful & relevant information
    • Detecting Spam – That tells you about the steps that Google takes to secure your search results

    Here’s the link to read about the article in detail – How Search Works By Google (New)

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    Google Launches Revised Version of “How Search Works”