Google Search Console Momentarily Disables Issue Validation

Google temporarily deactivated the issue confirmation function in the Google Search Console. The search engine giant said that the function was “taken offline due to future changes in the report.” No updates were provided on the repair schedule.

This feature helped notify Google that we have solved a problem that prevents the site or portions of it from being properly accessed by Google. For your bugs, there is a “validate fix” button, and when you click it, Google has a workflow to validate the issue.

Here is a note that you will find when you open the Coverage report in the Google Search Console

Coverage Report Notification

If you see a ‘validation temporarily disabled’ message in your report, Google posted more information on this support document page. To begin with, this update does not impact validation requests currently in progress, but it is not possible to send new validation requests until after Google has finished updating the problem criteria.

More than two months ago, Google also temporarily disabled the tool responsible for indexing the submission and it continues to remain so. John Müller of Google told us that he wanted it to be corrected by the end of the year.

You could be out of luck, at least in the short term, if you’re using this tool to try to get Google to recrawl and process pages. You can fix problems from your end, attempt to send a validation fix to Google, but do not expect the Google Search Console to have a reply. Without communicating the resolution in the search console, Google will continue to process the patch.

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Google Search Console Momentarily Disables Issue Validation