Google Now Suggests Searches Based On Your Recent Activity

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Google Now Suggests Searches Based On Your Recent Activity

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    We came across a rather new feature on the Google SERP. While searching for certain terms, we noticed Google suggesting searches based on our recent activity. 

    This new feature is displayed under the search bar with the suggested term highlighted in bold.

    Search bar with suggestions

    Image Source: Search Engine Land

    The new feature in action:

    Under the search bar

    We first searched for the term “Google Assistant” and then searched for “Noise Cancelling headphones”. As seen in the above image, Google suggested a search term – “Noise Cancelling headphones with Google Assistant.”

    Here, Google tried to predict that we were looking for noise cancellation headphones with its Google Assistant feature.  

    Pretty useful, isn’t it?

    Suggestions while typing 

    Another thing we noticed was how Google showed ‘related suggestions’ based on our recent activity in the search bar while typing.

    Here’s an example:

    We first searched for the term “intel i7”

    Search Term for a product

    Immediately after this, we searched for the term “laptops”, and here are the suggestions made by Google:

    Search term with suggestions on search bar

    As seen in the screenshot above, Google was smart enough to predict that we are looking for laptops with i7 processor.

    (Note: In order to receive these suggestions from Google, you need to be logged in with your Google Account. This helps Google to store your searched queries and give you more accurate suggestions.)

    These new suggested terms help users to find what they are specifically looking for. This, in turn, makes users search for terms that they would’ve never searched for. 

    Another aspect here is how these suggested terms are long-tail keywords. Which would want us to optimize our pages for long intent-based searches.

    Key Takeaways:

    Google has been adding many features to the SERP in recent years. One thing worth noting is Google places more of its emphasis on user experience while adding new features. 

    This again gives us an indication of Google wanting the best for its users. And how we need to focus our SEO strategy on providing the best browsing experience to users.

    The new suggested searches are much more accurate as compared to before; which were a hit or miss. Google has significantly improved upon its Natural language processing algorithm. The power of this NLP algorithm is showcased in this new update to the SERP.

    Let us know how useful have these ‘suggested terms’ by Google based on your recent activity been for you. Also, follow us to be informed of any new Google SERP features in the future.

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    Google Now Suggests Searches Based On Your Recent Activity