Google on Multiple Fact Checks: Rich Results May Not Show In Search

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Google on Multiple Fact Checks: Rich Results May Not Show In Search

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    Google has recently made an update to its developer documentation, wherein if you try to do multiple fact checks on the same page then there is a possibility that it may not appear in the search result as rich results. 

    Google wrote

    Google updated its developer documentation

    Google also announced that if you want to add multiple ‘ClaimReview’ items on one page, then you have to be careful regarding the relevance of the main topic mentioned on the page. You can take help of any of the following methods :

    • Create a summary page with multiple summarized fact checks, each with its own ‘ClaimReview’ element. Post the full-text version of each fact check on its own page. Each ‘ClaimReview’ element on the summary page points to the full-page version rather than to the summary page.
    • Create a single page with multiple full-length reviews, each with an HTML anchor. Each ‘ClaimReview’ element points to that summary_page.html#anchor.

    This enhancement was updated in the document on July 23, 2020. It clarifies that Google Search is still trying to work out a way to exhibit multiple fact checks for an individual page. You won’t be able to see a rich result that includes multiple fact checks in Google Search as of now.

    Below is the screenshot of the document where this feature was updated

    Google Document Updated Feature

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    Google on Multiple Fact Checks: Rich Results May Not Show In Search