Google On Pinterest Ranking

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Google On Pinterest Ranking

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    Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, responded to a tweet that asked about the ranking of Pinterest pages on Google Search. It further questioned as to why such sites rank for valuable keywords even with little or no textual content on the pages.

    Someone on twitter asked John Mueller

    what’s the relationship between #Google and #pinterest? The way Pinterest is ranking for valuable keywords is so surprising, I actually thought Google preach against thin content. Pinterest has no Content, only pin description and still ranking like craze …why???

    John Muller responded with

    “I’d argue there’s a lot of content on Pinterest – even if it’s not a collection of 3000 word blog posts. Sometimes images, even with minimal textual content, can be exactly what people are looking for. Not always, and sometimes we get it wrong, but it’s certainly an option.”

    Here is the tweet

    Key Takeaway

    • Search results on Google vary depending upon the query a user is searching based on the user’s intent, Google will show them what they feel is a relevant result.
    • The result may be an image, a short textual description, or a lengthy content piece that addresses the user’s query.

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    Google On Pinterest Ranking