Google on Boost in Ranking Based on Citations & Nofollow Links from Yellow Pages

Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller, responded to a tweet that asked about the boost in ranking based on citations and nofollow links from listings in the Yellow Pages.

The user on twitter asked: 

Hi @JohnMu, can I boost my rankings based on “citations” and nofollow links from entries in 50 different yellow page services for a small local business?

John Muller responded with:

“I can’t imagine that would do anything for a site (and if the problem is that a site has too much money, there are lots of good organizations they could donate to instead :-))”

Here is the tweet:

Key Takeaway:

Multiple business listings on yellow page services to boost rankings might not be that effective. It will help to increase brand recognition and website visits.

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Google on Boost in Ranking Based on Citations & Nofollow Links from Yellow Pages