Google says the type of SSL certificate does not affect SEO


Free or paid SSL does not influence SEO rankings

Google’s John Mueller answers a question related to SSL in a recent English Google SEO office-hours session held on February 18, 2022.

Vahid Parsa, an attendee of the session, asked the following question:

“Do you think the type of SSL is also important for SEO? Is free SSL enough?”

John Mueller, the search advocate at Google, responded to this saying that the type of SSL certificate you use does not affect SEO. The only thing required is that the SSL certificate is legit.

“Free SSL is perfectly fine. From our point of view we just watch out this is a valid certificate or not,” said John Mueller.

Having an SSL certificate for the website is important for SEO. Especially because Google has confirmed HTTPS as a ranking factor.

When buying an SSL certificate for your website, you will find both free and paid alternatives. If you want a basic level of authentication for the website, free SSLs should be just fine. If you deal with sensitive user data and want continuous support from the provider, then opt for paid SSL. Choosing a free or paid SSL certificate depends completely on your situation and needs.

The good news is that choosing a free or paid SSL certificate will not affect your SEO strategy.

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Google says the type of SSL certificate does not affect SEO