Google Search Console has a NEW LOOK!

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Google Search Console has a NEW LOOK!

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    Google has rolled out a new look for Google Search Console aimed at improving accessibility and user experience. As most of you SEO geeks might be aware, Google Search Central recently completed a year since they rebranded their name from Google Webmasters and launched their new site. They have made a wide range of changes, from the way their website appears to adding new documentations. Additionally, they have also added an interactive layout on their site for website owners to improve their presence on Search.

    The new look rolled out on Search Console aims at improving accessibility and user experience. One can log in to their Google Search Console account at to explore the new design.

    Search Console New Look

    The official account of Google Search Central earlier tweeted, “We’re starting a journey to refresh the look and feel of Search Console. Over the next few months, you’ll see small changes in the product with a goal to improve accessibility and user experience in general. We hope you like it!”

    Do comment and let us know what your thoughts about the new design and layout are.

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    Google Search Console has a NEW LOOK!