Google: Shorter Domain Name Does Not Improve Ranking or SEO

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Google: Shorter Domain Name Does Not Improve Ranking or SEO

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    John Muller has recently said on Twitter that shorter domain names or URLs do not affect the ranking in Google search or SEO in particular. One of the users tweeted that his domain traffic changed considerably when he changed his domain from three words to a single word. As soon as he tweeted, a couple of users chipped in with their take.

    John’s Reply

    The user gave an example of how a shorter domain received a higher click-through rate, citing the example of changing their name from, to which John has cleared that there is no SEO bonus attached to keeping a one-word domain.

    In the past, Google has said URL is not a ranking factor, but they do advise to keep URL length upto 2,000 characters.

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    Google: Shorter Domain Name Does Not Improve Ranking or SEO