Google Structured Data Testing Tool is Moving to a New Domain

Google has announced that they will not be shutting down the Structured data testing tool; instead, they will be moving it to a new domain.

Months ago, Google deprecated the tool, moving over all the features to the Rich Result Test. Webmasters widely used the tool to check the proper implementation of structured data.

The SEO community and webmasters did not appreciate the deprecation of the tool, and they made it clear with views on the internet. Google has confirmed that user feedback was the reason behind bringing back the tool to the new domain. is the new home

By April 2021, Google will move the structured data testing tool to and relaunch with a new purpose to serve the user.

However, the tool may no longer possess the functionality to check the Google rich result types. Instead, it will be only used to check the syntax and compliance with the standard. It can also be used to validate the properties used.

Webmasters can continue to use the Rich Result Test and Search Console to validate the Rich Result Markup.

When the month of April witnesses the launch of ‘ validator’, the tool could be employed to validate other schema markup types currently not supported by Google.

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Google Structured Data Testing Tool is Moving to a New Domain