Infidigit wins Gold in IDMA 2019

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Infidigit wins Gold in IDMA 2019

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    Almost after a year of winning a Silver prize for Myntra in IDMA 2018, Infidigit took its performance at IDMA 2019 to the next level with a Gold prize for Zivame. Team Infidigit and Zivame clinched the top prize for the best SEO for website/universal search ranking and SEM for the campaign, “Garnering Top Google Search Results for Zivame with a Unique SEO Strategy.”


    Infidigit wins Gold in IDMA 2019

    This is the second SEO award that Infidigit has won along with Zivame this year, after the Silver win at the Digital Crest Awards 2019. The complete credit of these back-to-back awards goes to the innumerable hours of coordinated effort and analysis put in by teams at both Infidigit and Zivame. As a result of this dedication, the annual target for Zivame was met in just ten months, which in turn, doubled its web traffic. Also, the increased brand visibility and market share for targeted keywords was the cherry on the cake.

    The Zivame and Infidigit teams felt immense pride while sharing the stage with some of the best names in the industry during the awards ceremony. Listed below are the details of the winning entries in the ‘Best SEO for website/universal search ranking and SEM Strategy’ category.

    Award Agency Name Brand Campaign Name
    Gold Infidigit Consultants Zivame Garnering Top Google Search Results for Zivame With a Unique SEO Strategy
    Silver Puretech Digital HDFC Bank HDFC Bank Business Growth with SEO
    Bronze Mindshare Digital Kurkure Kurkure Contains Plastic


    Sharing his joy on the incredible win, Kiran Washindkar, VP – Digital, Infidigit said, “As an SEO consulting agency, we have worked towards pushing the envelope in crafting growth-hacking solutions. For Zivame, we developed a similar solution that was targeted at strengthening Zivame’s presence in Google SERPs. While the team Infidigit worked on the solution analysis, team Zivame supported our efforts with systematic time-bound implementations. Hence, this award is dedicated to both teams who invested their precious time and efforts to make this win possible.”

    In the end, prestigious honours like IDMA and Digital Crest Awards further motivate us to raise the bar for SEO ideation and strategies. As Google continues to evolve as an ever-expanding ecosystem, team Infidigit is pushing itself to stay in sync with new trends. Kaushal Thakkar, Founder, Infidigit, has always focused on data-driven innovation and the team continues to work towards imbibing his ideology while bringing a wave of change in the world of SEO. 

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    INFIDIGIT Wins Gold in IDMA 2019

    Infidigit wins Gold in IDMA 2019