Latest URL Inspection Tool by Bing

Bing introduced a new URL inspection tool that offers actionable recommendations on how to boost page rankings.

What is unique about the tool is that it is designed to address SEO related issues. Similar to the indexing solutions, Bing will also include feedback about how to enhance SEO related issues.

Also, the tool can inspect the URL and provide input on it for indexing, SEO and markup related issues while not indexing it.

The URL inspection tool offers comprehensive information on

  1. Crawling Issues
  2. Indexing Issues 
  3. SEO Errors 
  4. Structured Markup 

The URL inspection tool addresses

  • Index information

This card displays the status of the index and the URL information. It includes details on each step, i.e. when and where the URL was discovered, crawled and indexed along with an option to view HTML format and HTTP response details.

  • SEO information

This segment includes information on SEO-based errors and warnings on their website. Approximately 15 SEO best practises are in effect giving thorough error analysis and highlighting the related issues in-code HTML and instructions on how to repair them.

  • Markup Details 

Checks the functionality and execution of selected structured MarkUp languages

  • Live inspect

Often webmasters would like to decide whether or not a page on their site can be crawled without asking for an index. This feature is particularly useful in investigating content where their site could have been hacked and, for example, sends different HTML to search engine crawlers than to users.

Bing Provides Valuable SEO tools

  • Bing’s URL inspection tool helps to address a lot of technical and SEO issues.
  • It’s exciting to see how Bing supports the online marketing environment by offering these valuable tools.
  • Tools like this show Bing’s contribution to the online search ecosystem.

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Latest URL Inspection Tool by Bing